Calendar of Events

Just so everyone is aware of the important dates for the Fandom For Sexual Assault Awareness, we’ve listed them below. We will be adding more events as they become available.

March 1 – Official Start Date for Fandom For Sexual Assault Awareness

April 1 – Start of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Every Tuesday in April – F4SAA takes over TwiFicTrivia. All the questions will be relating to stories by authors contributing in F4SAA, picked at random.

April 4 to 8 – F4SAA takes over PIC’s Fan Fic Corner

April 5 – Sexual Assault Awareness Month Day of Action!

May 25th – If you are using Project Team Beta, this is the deadline for submitting your work to them in order to be completed on time.

May 31st – Last Day for Donations & Author Contribution Sign Up

June 15th – Deadline for Author Contributions

June 30th – Release of Author Compilation to donors via email.

We are also looking to host a #readalong of a relevant fic and other potential events. If you have any suggestions of events to help bring awareness to the cause, please let us know via the comments or at


3 Responses to Calendar of Events

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  2. becky says:

    I donated yesterday. However, I just read that the last day for donations was on May 31, 2011, am I too late? I am happy to contribute no matter what but was wondering if I would get copies of the stories. Thanks.


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