Matching Donation Program – Till April 30th

You just read the headline and thought… WTF?

I know, it sounded completely unreal to us too, but we have recieved an offer from an anonymous and generous donor who would like to match all donations, up to a $500 limit, that are made towards Fandom For Sexual Assault Charities between RIGHT NOW and Midnight EST on April 30th!

Yes, we squealed and then were a bit cautious, but after some contact with said donor and some confirmation from other people in the fandom, we said… SURE!

So, if you have not yet made your donation to Fandom4SAA or would like to make another donation, we will take anything $5 and above, we urge you to do so by April 30th, so that we can potentially raise up to $1,000USD for various sexual assault awareness charities around the world, by clicking the Where to Donate button in our toolbar. This is also a great way to cap off Sexual Assault Awareness month, which ends at the end of April.

Please feel free to spread the word of this wonderful cause and our matching program. If you are unable to donate in the next few days, don’t fret. Donations will continue to be accepted until May 31st, with the finished compilation set to go to all our fantastic and supportive donors at the very end of June.

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