Thanks so much

We have to admit, we’re a little shocked by the amount of interest we’ve had in our small charity fundraiser in the past 24 hours. It’s been overwhelming and awesome, to say the least. We’re nearing 20 authors signed up and we have been diligently emailing, PM’ing and contacting dozens of others to get their help. Hell, we’ve even received our first donation receipt! Thanks Tyra 🙂

Another thing that surprises us is the number of people who have informed us that either they, or someone they know, has either been assaulted or directly effected by sexual assault.  It’s this that makes us proud and even more diligent to do a great job to raise both awareness and money for such an important cause.

If you want to donate, please check out our Where to Donate page. We encourage you to donate as little as $5 to a sexual assault charity in your country and then email the receipt / confirmation to us at

If you want to write something for our author compilation, please visit our Contributing Authors Info page and fill out the form at the bottom. You have until June 15th to write a one shot, outtake from an existing story or original fiction between 2,000 – 10,000 words.

We understand there are several other worthy fandom charities running at the moment, but we would truly appreciate your support!

Thanks so much for everything you have done already!

-aylah50 & coldplaywhore

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